HDTV Private Limited services

HDTV ASIA Network Teleports  provide companies with full 24/7, domestic and international satellite transmission services and performs more than One Hundred and twenty thousand uplinks for our clients around the world.

Over 100 HD channels running 24/7, our teleports deliver MPEG2 & MPEG4 HD High Definition  compression allowing the highest quality signal transmission at any bit-rate for more than 250 clients.

educational classroom 

Primary school or university, we provide all the best technology and services for classroom. We have fiber, internet and satellite real time interact voice, video and data.

International television

HDTV Asia provide the best HD 4K 8K 3D digital entertainment international television services your home ,office or any remote location we here to deliver available on demand. 

Business solution

HDTV network provides the best internet solution for business office team members terminal remote location via satellite and fiber optimum cable and microwave.