satellite service

A satellite backbone provides an all-inclusive solution to move any form of content and reach select or wide audiences at "finger snap" speed. Interoperating with terrestrial and wireless technologies, firms can leverage it smartly for things such as: business applications run over the Internet, data bursts to remote locations.

Satellite footprint- over 10 uplinks & 22 downlink antennas in C/Ku bands, along with our fiber connectivity and ownership of teleports-unites you with five continents and is capable of taking you overseas and around the globe at your command.

Satellite Transmission 

HDTV Private Limited provides the most advanced uplink, downlink, VAST service, satellite phone, bandwidth on demand, DTH, point-to-point for business and C/KU band transmission for Government and Enterprise network.

Disaster Recovery

HDTV provides complete disaster recovery facility for Government and enterprise
network to reduce any potential loss of revenue due to natural disasters & changing weather conditions using Points-of-Presence backup.

Satellite Transmission Security  and encryption

HDTV Private Limited satellite services include the most secured conditional access systems including Conax, Iredeto Nagravision and other scrambling encryption systems for the highest protection to your networks content. 

Programming satisfy from HDTV Private limited.

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